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Welcome to New Zealand’s True Match Agency. A premium, personalised and private matchmaking service designed for those of us aged 40 and above.

Created locally, Compatico sets a new standard in matchmaking. Our team of matchmakers and expert partners provide a curated, face-to-face, and time-efficient service to help you connect with your next partner in life and love.

The art of matching

We believe that real, human connection can’t be generated by an algorithm or a dating app. That’s why our ‘art of matching’ methodology combines innovation and human matchmaking expertise to create an authentic connection. No artificial intelligence, no fake profiles and no more dodgy dates.

Compatico's success lies in face-to-face consultations (online or in-person) with skilled professionals who use research-based Q&As along with our proprietary Compaticoder survey to create a personalised profile that’s true to you. It’s a solution for its time.

Two Membership Options


Platinum - Match Me

Our tailored ‘Priority-You’ bespoke service is dedicated to finding your true match. Membership includes a personally assigned matchmaker, face-to-face consultation(s), a professional photoshoot to capture you, an authentically crafted profile, and wraparound support throughout your relationship journey. Platinum – Match Me clients will also receive priority access to Curated by Compatico Services, Events & Experiences.


Gold - Matchable

As a ‘Matchable’ member, you’ll be included in our private and secure singles community (accessible only to our matchmaking team), giving you opportunities to be selected for a match. Membership includes a face-to-face online consultation and an authentically crafted profile – together with access to our exclusive Curated by Compatico Services, Events & Experiences.

Tiare Tolks Talks Compatico

Curated by Compatico

The path to connection is not always straight or simple, and busy people understand the value of engaging professional services to help.

Our team meets this need with our unique, wraparound services, including specialist matchmakers, qualified relationship counsellors and personal stylists. Not only that, our Curated by Compatico Services, Events & Experiences offer opportunities to make connections and put your new relationship-ready skills into practice.

Think of us as trusted confidantes, by your side to help you navigate your relationship journey.

Absolute discretion and safety-first screening

The safety and privacy of our members is an absolute priority. That’s why Compatico places so much emphasis on being private and secure. Your details are protected in our secure site, and we’ll only pass on pre-approved personal information if both parties have agreed.

As an added security measure, all of our members are vetted using Ministry of Justice checks. This is a non-negotiable condition of our membership.

Six easy steps to start your matching journey…

  1. 01Apply for membership online.
  2. 02Your personal matchmaker will be in touch.
  3. 03Complete your Ministry of Justice security check.
  4. 04Face-to-face consultations begin.
  5. 05Complete our Compaticoder survey (15 mins).
  6. 06Your authentic dating profile is created.
    ... match away.

Absolute discretion and safety-first screening.

Privacy and protection of material as well as safety of our members is a priority for us. That’s why Compatico is unequivocally private and secure.

High standards of respect and etiquette.

We have carefully curated a network of accomplished and successful individuals who all respect our Compatico community and guidelines.

We measure our success by your success.

While it is difficult to define success when it comes to love, connection and compatibility, rest assured we are your cheerleaders and confidantes and will give you the very best chance to be successfully matched.

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